This website contains some of the tools that we have developed and the ideas behind them and the tools that we use and have use to create them.


yEdExtendable framework for exporting data from various sources into different formats
  • create multiple worklists and dashboards using a single query
  • control via standard xmlrpc interface
  • ... and more
  • csv2xls bulk converter

    yEd Simple component to convert numerous csv files to excel based on simple rules:
  • pure java implemantation (using apache poi)
  • input matching with regular expressions
  • multiple csv files placed into different sheets of the same excel file
  • create mulitple excel sheets in one batch
  • SAP Connector

    yEdWe have wrapped the SAP JCo library in an JDBC driver. It is an extensible framework in which you can easily add your own implementation of SAP methods and expose them via the universal JDBC interface. Primarily it is possible to use the RFC_READ_TABLE building block in a tool like Pentaho Data Integration.

    Django webreport app (dojo)

    yEd Web application within the django framework for reporting using simple sql queries defined in a django model.
  • rich datagrid using dojo's EnhancedGrid
  • server side sorting, filtering and pagination
  • easily extendable ( define views in django model, manage via default django admin)
  • ...
  • Tools from others

    Tools from others we like to use:
    pentaho kettle (etl), postgresql (database), Yed (graph editor)
    Freemind (mindmapping software), DebugMode Wink (screencam)